ManifestAR @ LA Re.Play

LA Re.Play, an Exhibition of Mobile Art in conjunction with Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking during the College Arts Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, February 22-29, 2012

Co-curators: Hana Iverson, Visiting Scholar, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Dr. Mimi Sheller, Director, Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, Drexel University and Jeremy Hight, independent artist and curator

Opening reception at CAA, LA Convention Center LA Re.Play Hub Location, Wednesday, February 22, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Pool Hooping performance, by Mark Skwarek, Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Flower Street entrance, Map, Thursday, February 23, 5:20 and 8:30 PM

Reception: DMA Grad Art Gallery, Broad Art Center, UCLA, Friday, February 24, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Mobilizing Los Angeles as a place to play and a place in play, LA Re.Play presents leading international artists working with mobile and geolocated media. The exhibit accompanies the double session presentation on Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Placemaking, co-organized by Hana Iverson and Mimi Sheller for the College Arts Association 2012 conference, as well as an off-conference roundtable City/Space and Creative Measure, moderated by Jeremy Hight at the Art Center. Playing upon the dynamic relations between physical place, digital space, and mobile access via smartphone, we explore art that incorporates cell phones, GPS and other mobile technology, revealing the complex social, political, technological and physiological effects of new mixed reality interactions.

About ManifestAR

Participating Artists

  • 4Gentlemen (CN,US)
  • Mark Skwarek (US)
  • John Craig Freeman (US)
  • Lily & Honglei (US,CN)
  • Tamiko Thiel (US,JP,DE)
  • Chris Manzione (US)
  • Will Pappenheimer (US)
  • Lalie S. Pascual (CH)
  • Lili range le chat (FR)
  • Geoffrey Alan Rhodes (US)
  • Sander Veenhof (NL)
  • John Cleater (US)
  • Patricia Espinosa (MX)
  • Todd Margolis (US)
  • Christina Marin (CO)


Compass Rose

By ManifestAR. Compass Rose converts the revolving bar atop the Hotel Bonaventure into a giant mobile device for viewing augmented reality art citywide. Bonaventure. Launch Compass Rose now.

Pool Hopping on the Island of the Bull

By Mark Skwarek. Artist Mark Skwarek will transform different locations tied to the financial crisis into islands surrounded by a sea of fire with augmented reality. Skwarek will travel from island to island in a special AR boat and partake in the tradition of “pool hopping.” Skwarek and other pool hoppers will party in the island’s pool until kicked out by security or until the party moves. MORE. Downtown, LA Convention Center, LA MoCA, and UCLA Broad Art Center. Launch Pool Hopping now. Also see Sky Pool to be viewed from above 30 stories such as Bonaventure.

Monumento a las Mujeres Desaparecidas

By John Craig Freeman and Christina Marin. A monument to the missing women of Ciudad Juárez and the opium brides of Afghanistan. MORE. Olvera Street. Launch Monumento a las Mujeres Desaparecidas now.

Shades of Absence

By Tamiko Thiel. A work in progress to explore ways to collect and disseminate information on censored and persecuted artists worldwide. Images of contemporary artists whose works have been censored are reduced to gold silhouettes and placed among terms of transgression. Touch an image for a webpage with cases of censorship. MORE. LA Convention Center, the UCLA Broad Art Center and Art Center South Campus. Launch Shades of Absence now.

La Lotería Aumentada

By Patricia Espinosa and John Craig Freeman, a Borderline Project. La Lotería Aumentada is inspired by La Loteria Mexicana, a game similar to bingo, which uses a deck of cards illustrated with figures that represent everyday objects. MORE. Olvera Street. Launch La Lotería Aumentada now.

Skywrite AR: We Need Something

By Will Pappenheimer, Skywrite AR creates sky written messages in virtual airplane trails for the thoughts and concerns of individuals and citizens. Normally out of the financial reach for ordinary folks, this grand scale text now becomes available to the contemplative computer poet, the instant messenger or the protester addressing the need for political change. MORE: LA Convention Center, Art Center South Campus and the UCLA Broad Art Center. Launch Skywrite AR now.

Global Pong

The 1971 classic PONG game

Schematic presentation of 2012 version

By Sander Veenhof. A global 3D multi-user version of PONG using augmented reality to play against your friends worldwide. Look around for targets, select one and click SHOOT to play ball. Tap an incoming ball and click to BOUNCE it back. Anywhere. Launch Global Pong now.

The Founding Fathers!

By Geoffrey Alan Rhodes. Tired of always hearing what the Founding Fathers would say? It’s time for them to listen! Instantly create an attentive audience of the American Founding Fathers lovingly presented on rolled currency! Talk back to money! LA Convention Center and City Hall. The Founding Fathers! now. Or create a Founding Fathers circle anywhere in the world here!

American Plutocracy

By John Craig Freeman. A marker for the occupation of Wall Street and beyond. MORE. City Hall. Launch American Plutocracy now.

Southeast Flies the Peacock

By Lily & Honglei. Southeast Flies the Peacock assembles images of some most influential folktales of China. Chinatown. Launch Southeast Flies the Peacock now.

Metro-NeXt: with Service to Lausanne/Thonon

By Lalie S. Pascual, Lili range le chat and John Craig Freeman. Metro-NeXt will teleport users to a virtual realm, a mixed reality portal, linking the cities and people of the world. MORE. LA Convention Center, City Hall, Olvera Street and Chinatown. Launch Metro-Next now.


By Mark Skwarek. protestAR is an augmented reality app which originally moved the Occupy Wall Street protest from Zuccotti Park to the restricted area of the New York Stock Exchange. protestAR has spread across the world and is now in Downtown LA re-OCCUPYing. protestAR reconstructs the occupation of Down LA. protestAR is part of #arOccupyWallStreet which is a global call to occupy Wall Street with Augmented Reality. Downtown and City Hall. Launch protestAR now.

Money Grab

By Todd Margolis. In response and solidarity with the Occupy Wall St protesters, participants can use this augmented reality layer to experience a shower of money raining down around them. Anywhere. Launch Money Grab now.

Sky Pavilions Occupy Walt Disney Concert Hall

By John Cleater. Sky Pavilions are virtual cloudbursts filled with nonsensical and practical guidance. They may be located near cultural landmarks, empty fields, abandoned developments, or above your home. They cause disturbances in the atmosphere and may jump out of bounds without notice. Be sure to click on these hovering vessels to activate them. Walt Disney Concert Hall. Launch Sky Pavilions now.

Cubic Memory

By Chris Manzione consists of eight separate cubes the have been skinned with images of influence from his sculptural practice, digitally created sculptures, and photographs he has taken for reference. Each cube is able to be touched on screen causing the cube to react with an animation. Some cubes float into the sky while others play music, spin and travel across the ground off into the distance. LA Convention Center. Launch Cubic Memory now.

ARt Critic Face Matrix

By Tamiko Thiel. “You call this ART???” – An animated art critic’s face surrounds you with expressions ranging from scepticism to outrage. MORE. LA MoCA. Launch ARt Critic Face Matrix now.

Tiananmen SquARed: Tank Man and the Goddess of Democracy

By 4Gentlemen. A virtual monument to democracy. MORE. City Hall. Launch Tiananmen SquARed now.

Reign of Gold

Photo credit: Kenji Thielstrom.

By Tamiko Thiel. Dedicated to the men and women who turn hot air into pure gold, this is an AR art project in conjunction with the AR Occupy Wall Street movement. It can be viewed anywhere in the world and surrounds you with a rain of $50 gold eagle coins. MORE. Anywhere. Launch Reign of Gold now.

Wall BuildAR

By Mark Skwarek

Wall BuildAR comes to CA! Wall BuildAR has begun work on the “Sea Wall” that will line the U.S. West Coast. The Sea Wall starts where the U.S. / Mexico barrier meets the Pacific Ocean. This public works project is part of the larger  “Freedom Wall Project” which is creating a safety wall around the entire United States.  For LA RePlay Wall BuildAR will begin constructing a smaller “Safety Wall” around downtown LA’s financial center. The Safety Wall was commissioned by the British American Business Council of Los Angeles, info here. Downtown and Pacific Ocean. Launch WallbuildAR now.



  • Book mark the project list for easy access
  • Go to the location indicated and choose a project from the list
  • If you don’t have the free Layar Augmented Reality Browser installed, you will be prompted to do so (
  • Once Layar is installed, the project will launch
  • Aim the device’s cameras towards the object
  • Choose Layar actions > Screenshot
  • Send images and video to, your contribution will be posted



Please see some of the Documentation of the work.


Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana, Otra realidad es posible, El Pais, February 22, 2012.


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