Sander Veenhof @ Venice Biennial 2011

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Aiming to view all of the art at display at the Venice Biennial? That target will be infinitely more difficult to achieve this year because of the expected massive appearance of illegal artworks in augmented reality, the non-material parallel reality now accessible through contemporary smartphones, Accessible by Giardini visitors, but as well as artists! Numerous virtual pavilions by art collectives such as Manifest.AR will come to existence at the upcoming Venice Bieninal 2011. With artworks on display created by artists worldwide, positioned at GPS positions within the Biennial grounds, without the approval of the Biennial organization.

Fortunately, there is a way to battle this infiltration of virtual pavilions! We urge all Biennial to make use of their exclusive physical presence in the Giardini and delete any illegal virtual pavilions encountered. To view and delete pavilions Artist Sander Veenhof (NL, 1973) created an easy-to-use tool, available inside the Giardini, in augmented reality.

On three public screens around Venice, live updates on the battle will be shown. Along with each visitors’ score of pavilions deleted. And the score of pavilions manifesting nevertheless.


1) Download (free) app “Layar” on iPhone 3GS/4 or Android smartphone
2) Search and open “Battling Pavilions” while inside the Giardini
3) Spot pavilions and delete them. You’ll be rewarded with 1 point each.

Battling Pavilions

Battling Pavilions

BIO Sander Veenhof

Biased by his background in both computer science and fine arts, Sander Veenhof (NL, 1973) explores the cross-section of art and technology. Since years his foremost fascination is the moment when the interweaving of virtual infinity with our physical environment truly shapes a new reality. With augmented reality (AR) now being an exemplary manifestation of this envisioned merge, his recent projects are often explorations with, within or on AR as a new medium. Veenhof created a virtual sculpture as big as our globe, exhibited on all 6 floors of the MoMA NY without their permission and using AR he recently created the first ever one dimensional artwork.

Portfolio: SNDRV.NL


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