HD Mobile Device Proposal

In June, 2011, the international artist collective Manifest.AR created the Venice Biennial 2011 AR Intervention in the main pavilion complex of the Biennial and in the Piazza San Marco.

Goddess of Democracy, by 4Gentlemen, Piazza San Marco, June 5th, 2011.

In a city with so much vying for people’s attention, what is needed is something with more spectacle appeal. What follows is a proposal for the development of two different types of HD augmented reality mobile devices.

The first is a remote control cart equipped with an HD display monitor, which could be deployed as an art performance at dusk in public squares across Europe. People could push the device around the square to look at various AR projects, or we could take it for a spin remotely and interact with the crowd. Of course the work would still be viewable on smart phones.

The second is a proposal specifically for Venice which would include HD display monitors attached to the windows of the Actv Venice Public Transit Boats, specifically aboard the boats on the #1 line, which includes all stops on the Grand Canal.

Remote Control HD Augmented Reality Mobile Device

Visualization of remote control HD augmented reality mobile device.

View a video of a remote control golf bag cart. The cart could be retrofitted with a medium sized HD flatscreen monitor attached to a smart phone via DNLA technology.

Visualization of remote control HD augmented reality mobile device in Piazza San Marcos, Venice, with the Crystal Coffin augment by Lily & Honglei.

Venice Public Transportation Boat Augmented Reality Mobile Device

Actv Venice Public Transit Boat with proposed HD augmented reality device attached to window exterior.

Visualization of view from inside the #1 boat near Rialto Mercado on the Grand Canal with the Goddess of Democracy augmented into the campo.


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