Human Conference Sensors Veenhof

“Human Conference Sensors”   Sander Veenhof
updated: 7/29/12
Augmented presentation space


A conference is a very efficient format to distribute a lot of knowledge to a lot of people. But that efficiency goes down when the concentration of the audience starts fading away. Either because of a specific topic, the specific presenter or just general fatigue.


These days, we don’t have to sit still and see this situation as a fact. With augmented reality, we are able to shape and adapt our new hybrid reality world in the way we want it, and this applies to conferences too. The “Human Conference Sensor” is aiming to bring this approach to the world of conferences. Making these events more efficiency by solving one of their main deficiencies: fading attention and concentration. To do so, two conference attendees will be equiped with body activity sensors. Their concentration and partcipation level is monitored in order to detect a moment of fading concentration or even daydreaming. When a drop in concentration is noticed, for example a heartbeat that is too low, a compensation for a probable lack of exciting content will be activated in augmented reality inside the conference room. The concentration of the dozing human conference sensors and all the other conference attendees will be brought back to an acceptable level with the appearance of additional content, viewable with an AR device. A phone, a tablet, but in the near future, a goggles-like device. So, the presentation content might be augmented, the person presenting might be augmented or the whole space will be filled with oddities, whatever is needed to waking up the room of attendees.


When a conference would be willing to cooperate, it might be possible to arrange QR/marker-codes attached on the wall next to the slide projections, QR/marker-codes on the speakers unit or even QR/marker-codes worn by the speaker. When pointing the phone running the Junaio app at these markers, the augmented reality items applicable to that specific moment on that specific location, will appear. The items will exist in the multi-user shared augmented reality realm, which is controlled automatically based on the data gathered from the two human conference sensors.


Human conference sensorsThe two human sensors will be looking normal from the front. When looking at themselves, they feel completely normal. They will act completely normal. They will attend the conference, and dream away just like any regular conference goer. But from the backside, they carry a design that functions as an eyecatching trigger for the AR space around them. Other people in the room can scan the code, and immerse in the augmented presentation situation.



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