Tamiko Thiel

Jasmine Rain (birdcage)

Through the bars water, water, and the Boston skyline.
Beyond the bars jasmine, jasmine rains from the sky.

The viewer stands on the pier outside of the ICA, water on two sides,
Boston in the background. The viewer is enclosed in a golden birdcage
while a soft rain of jasmine flowers falls all around. The confinement
of the cage contrasts with the expansiveness of the space, while the
rain of jasmine asks why.

Versions of this work are geopositioned in several places around the
world, for instance in Tahrir Square in Cairo and Tienanmen Square in
Beijing. Depending on where viewers stand, they may be inside or outside
the cage.

Jasmine Rain, Tamiko Thiel.

Please see this website for locations for Jasmine Rain:

Art Critic Face Matrix Reloaded

“You call this ARt!?!?”

Varying from skepticism to outrage, a matrix of faces hovers inside the ICA.

This is an animated version of the original “Art Critic Face Matrix”
that is on permanent exhibit in the atrium of MoMA New York.

Art Critic Matrix Reloaded, Tamiko Thiel


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