Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Mao Wants His Money!

Mao Wants His Money! includes two augmented reality installations.  The first is a set of augments hovering in space above banks and ATMs near the ICA, Boston.  The second will convert users’ dollar bills into Mao Dollars when viewed on a late model iPhone or Android using the  Mao Wants His Money! app.  Each bill becomes an I.O.U. and reminds us, “The United States of America owes China One Dollar.”  Oh no!  Mao wants this dollar!


1) Read the code below or download the Janaio Augmented Reality Browser to your iPhone or Android now

2) Aim your iPhone or Android camera at a one dollar bill.

Find a bank or ATM near you.

Screen shot by Tamiko Thiel.

Mao Wants His Money! Project website.

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