Distributed Collectives, Show Location

from  preliminary discussion with Kelani, Mark and Will

area known as Kensington

raised and abandoned plots and land

palette fences

urban farms

Farmer Patrick

pop-up gardens

area rejuvenation

The signal strength on Verizon was 5 bars on multiple devices in the outdoor space, slightly less in the gallery, 4 bars.  There was a T-mobile device that was getting similar strength in both spots, when I went to test no one had AT&T.  We have a big event next Saturday where I can do more testing, hopefully with more devices.

Here are photos of the Fair Grounds lot, Farm, and gallery:

Attached is a shot from google, the numbers correspond with geo-coordinates taken using the Current Altitude Free app, on site.

little berlin gallery: measures 34.3 feet along the NW-SW axis, and 30 feet along the SW-SE axis. The gallery door, steps, and desk face the SE-SW axis.

1. NW Corner  39.984117, -75.129006
2. NE Corner  39.984113, -75.129042
3. SE Corner  39.984125,  -75.129123
4. SW Corner 39.984102,  -75.128505

The Fair Grounds: Flower boxes are on the west side (York St.); Pallet fence on the east (Boston St.)

5. NE Corner  39.984212, -75.129334
6. SE Corner  39.984023, -75.129184
7. NW Corner 39.984025, -75.129771
8. SW Corner 39.983825, -75.129701
Emerald St Urban Farm
9. SE Corner  39.983822, -75.131237
10. SW Corner  39.983751, -75.131340

11. NW Corner 39.984024, -75.131494
gallery_map PDF

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