Distributed Collectives Show, Projects

Sander Veenhof

Screensavers anno 2011

I will not physically be there, because of travel issues. But I do have an idea for a work which reflects that situation in an optimal way: an AR screensaver. The story will be that I cannot be there, so the augmented space will not be occupied by me, so it is empty, so a screensaver appears.


Todd Magolis


i’ve never even been to Philadelphia. But it got me thinking about the fact that my father grew up in Philly & how i always wanted to go there with him to see what his childhood was like. Now he’s kinda old & i don’t think he’ll ever get back there, but i still have that curiosity. So, i’m thinking about sending my avatar there as an augment to learn more about Philly. I have a 3D laser scanned model of myself which i could turn into a Layar. My avatar would then wander around the exhibition sites until someone interacted with him (me). Then he would attempt to befriend them & ask them to show him around. I’m imaging a sort of virtual tourism type of telepresence which would result in photographs (mobile screenshots) of my avatar with the gallery audience. Using Layar’s authentication & screenshot uploading, people could reload my Layar at another time/space during the exhibit & my avatar would join them there. they would be again prompted to take a photo of “me” in that location & upload it to my webserver.
4 Gentleman
title: The Great Firewall of China 伟大的中国防火墙
The Great Firewall of China is an augmented reality public art project. Built for smart phone mobile devices, the project seeks to make Internet repression visible by setting the Great Wall ablaze. The public can simply download and launch the project and aim their device’s cameras at the at Wall. The application uses geolocation software to superimpose flames at precise GPS coordinates along the Great Wall, enabling public to see the fire integrated into the physical location as if it existed in the real world.
Lily & Honglei
Title: images of Land of Illusion (inkjet prints)
Collaboration between French artist Caroline Bernard, American artist John Craig Freeman and Swiss artists Lalie Schewadron Pascual.
title Metro-NeXt
Metro-NeXt is a follow up to Martin Kippenberger’s Metro-Net, but rather than the entrance leading to nowhere, it leads to a virtual dimension, an augmented and mixed reality portal, linking cities together.
Will Pappenheimer

BUD  – Bureau of Urban Devolution

BUD supports areas of metropolitan districts which, due to social contract failure, desertion, de-employment and the retraction of basic services have decided to go back to more positive primitive forms of farming and forest life. BUD can move quickly into an area, put disintegrating buildings up into the air and distribute instant “touch and grow” tree pads. A typical city block can be reclaimed in a mater of a few hours.


Geoffrey Alan Rhodes
The Tower of Babel-dollars
A ‘tower of babel’ created out billions of stacked mao dollars will be constructed on the site of the vacant lot across from the gallery and stretching miles above in to the sky (centered on roughly 39.983925, -75.129701).  (If I can get audio working) the tower will be accompanied by the faint babel of soundbites of the congressional debt ceiling debates… “no new taxes” “no cuts”….
Mark Skwarek
1st Work Title:
2nd Work Title: Wall BuildAR
Chris Manzione:

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