Distributed Collectives Show, Collaborative Worksite

Where: Little Berlin Gallery
Enter at 2430 Coral St, Viking Mill Courtyard: MAP
Kensington area

When:  AUGUST 2011
Opening Date: Friday, August 5th, 2011
Install Dates: August 1st -4th  (Digital/Remote Install ok, and expected in most cases)
Closing Reception: Saturday, August 26th, 2011

Manifest.AR Exhibition Project Management:
Will Pappenheimer
Chris Manzione
Mark Skwarek

Short Exhibition Description: by the curator, Kelani Nichole:

Distributed Collectives: An exploration of three distributed artist groups – FAT, MainfestAR and Computers Club – who use the web to collaborate.  The central exhibit of the show will be a research component featuring a history of each of the groups and information about how they function creatively.  Additionally, the show will feature Internet artwork from participating members of each collaborative group… full prospectus

Two Themes:

1) Collaborative Site Specific Creation:

The first and most important aspect of the show will be to collaboratively explore the site of the exhibition and create works that in some way respond to, reassess, transform or challenge it.  Obviously the “site” can be considered to include or draw from beyond geography in terms of its meanings, use, architecture, populace, history, culture, politics, etc.  The site is actually also sites and since we have already begun to discuss the area with the curator, Kelani Nichole, we have some specifics in terms of maps of three places to begin working with, the gallery and 2 rather large vacant lots close by. See images and Lat, Lon information and a page for developing ideas, either communal
or specific about the sites or the area I have started at the Distributed Collectives, Show Site page. I will put some of the basics of our discussions with Kelani on this page and hope that other  members of the Manifest.AR might respond first in terms of comments which I can then translate into body text.

2) Manifest.AR Collaborative Practice:

Kelani Nichole is interested in developing a research component of the exhibition which documents and discusses practices and modes of long distance or virtual collaboratives. Since Manifest.AR is only about six months into its ephemeral existence, we do not really have any standardized methods. We have some varying approaches to creating shows and we have the beginnings of repeating processes important to staging an “augmented reality” exhibition. To assist Kelani in developing this aspect of the Distributed Collectives show, I am hoping to solicit at least a paragraph from both founding and extended members of Manifest.AR about how they have developed, used or participated in our different approaches to creating exhibitions, as well as thinking about the formations and overall directives of the group. Again I have set up the page, Distributed Collectives ManifestAR Collective, for this discussion and anyone  in the collective can respond through a comment which I will then incorporate into the text. Again, this is an idea we haven’t used before, but I am experimenting with in relation to this exhibition.

Form for developing her research on ManifestAR:
One other aspect of this show will be the active participation and collaboration of the curator, Kelani Nichole. She has just created a form for developing her research on ManifestAR  that we would like everyone to fill out as much as possible. This could be in lieu of  directly contributing to the Distributed  Collectives ManifestAR  Collective page and then we can, with her permission  perhaps leak some of this information onto that page from Kelani’s forms. then participants don’t have to engage in two formats.


As usual we have a tight production schedule. I am creating a very rough set of deadlines which will be revised and participants will be notified. As of today, July 4 we have four weeks.  The exhibition will be open for submission to anyone in the extended Manifest.AR collective. The first deadline will be to for me <willpap@gmail.com> hear from anyone who is interested in participating in the exhibition.

Layars and Augments: We will follow the practice we have used repeatedly which is to encourage works to be created outside the gallery sites with a representative augmented to be included and visible inside the gallery. Participants will need to plan with the schedule to publish their own needed Layars as well as submitting the representative augment for a show specific Layar. Participants will need to do the first round of testing using Layars fixed location option.


July 11: email <willpap@gmail.com> e-mail expressing interest in participating. Optional, idea for artwork

July 18:  proposal idea, working title, image mockup (at least 1200 x  1600 px)

July 25:  at least one completed augment, .l3D file to represent either part or the completed object with specifics about placement, size, etc. to be submitted through a Google form. TBA

August 2: Layar Names due for launch page. Augments in place on site ready for testing.


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