I Shall Please, Project List


By Virta-Flanuerazine

Bufo Colonies

By Virta-Flanuerazine

The Island

By Mark Skwarek

Reign of Gold

By Tamiko Thiel


By Virta-Flanuerazine

La Loteria Aumentada

By Patricia Espinosa and John Craig Freeman, a Borderline Project

Tactical AR Tool #1

By Sander Veenhof

Show Me

By Todd Margolis

WiWo Spinners

By Will Pappenheimer

Three Wise Monkeys

By 4Gentlemen

American Plutocracy

By John Craig Freeman

Money Grab

By Todd Margolis


By John Craig Freeman, Lalie S. Pascual and Lili range le chat


By Mark Skwarek


  1. Download the Layar Augmented Reality Browser to your iPhone or Android now.
  2. Choose a project above.
  3. Aim the device’s cameras towards the small dots in the mini-map in the upper righthand corner of the screen.
  4. When a hallucination appears, aim the device’s cameras towards the object.
  5. Choose Layar actions > Screenshot
  6. Send images and video to Manifest.AR.Agent@gmail.com. Your contribution will be posted on the Test Subject Portfolio page.

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