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January 14, 2014
Cory Arcangel (b. 1978), Yada, Yada, Yada, 2013

Cory Arcangel (b. 1978), Yada, Yada, Yada, 2013

The museum and artworld interventionist works of Manifest.AR will big part of talk by Will Pappenheimer for the upcoming  mini symposium at the Whitney Museum entitled, “SHARED SPACES: SOCIAL MEDIA AND MUSEUM STRUCTURES.”

“This two-part symposium addresses the transformation of the museum in the age of social media. How does the presence of networked digital devices affect our experience of art in the museum’s galleries? In what ways do these historical shifts in the mediation of our perception reflect our beliefs about the function of the museum in our society? How can we understand the role that the numerous corporate digital platforms utilized by museums and their publics play in the presentation of art? We will explore the ways in which rapid public sharing from within the museum transforms our attitudes toward works of art and the spaces that house them, seeking to assess the stakes of this affective digital economy.

Distinguished scholars, curators, and artists discuss these questions in two sections—a panel of long-form presentations followed by a fast-paced series of short creative lecture propositions, followed by discussion among audience and participants.”



Parking Lot Decorator @ Zero1

December 24, 2012

A documentary of one of the many works Manifest.AR presented at the  Zero1 Biennial in San Jose. Parking Lot Decorator an on-site “decorator” tool to transform some of the vast parking lots of software companies in Silicon Valley. Though the project appears as purely an aesthetic gesture, it’s intent is to transform and open up these non-sites at the edges of these vast corporate structures. (Projects at the Zero1 Biennial supported by the Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University.)

Images from Little Berlin”s Distributed Collectives Show

August 7, 2011

Distributed Collectives — OPENING

This is documentation of the Little Berlin opening 2011 which manifest.AR was a part of.

More Documentation:


“Peeling Layers of Space Out of Thin Air” curated by ManifestAR’s John Cleater

July 12, 2011


Architecture Omi presents:
Augmented Reality: Peeling Layers of Space Out of Thin Air
Curated by ManifestAR’s John Cleater / Program Director: Peter Franck
Consultants: Mark Skwarek and Will Pappenheimer

Architects: Acconci Studio, Asymptote, Cleater Studio, Kol/Mac, Metaxy, Leeser Architecture, Studio Daniel Libeskind, SHoP, and SITE

THE FIELDS SCULPTURE PARK at OMI 1405 County Route 22 Ghent, New York 12075

“Omi International Art Center’s Architecture Omi program will be using cutting-edge mobile technology in an unconventional exhibit, “Augmented Reality: Peeling Layers of Space Out of Thin Air,” to open July 9 at its namesake location just north of Hudson, NY. The show will host fantastically layered structures and environments by nine commissioned studios—among them, Vito Acconci, Asymptote, SHoP, Daniel Libeskind, and SITE—without touching a twig of an idyllic, twenty-some acre landscape of wetland, forest, and rolling farmland.”           The Architect’s Newspaper

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