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15 minute companies

June 6, 2012

“15 Minute Companies,” by Sander Veenhof

Ever fancied being part of a start-up? Now is your chance! Virtually that is. Whether you are in San Jose, Lewisburg or even in another continent, you are invited to join a temporary “15 minute company”. Open your augmented reality browser and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a fully equiped virtual office space you’re sharing with people across the globe. And hopefully, you’ll be sharing some remarkable creative ideas too, chatting with fellow employees with a variety of background. Act fast, because the company will vanish just as quickly as it did start-up.

15 minute company

“15 Minute Company” – visualisation of shared virtual office space



FACT ARtSENSE Commission

December 7, 2011

ManifestAR was recently awarded The ARtSENSE Commission at FACT, Liverpool. The Foundation for Creative Technology is one of Europe’s principle institutions, commissioning canonical works and exhibitions in film, video and new media in the last 20 years. The sizable grant creates a significant new artwork that aligns with one of its current research interests in “augmented reality supported adaptive and personalized experiences” and “events” for Museums.

Our proposal, entitlted “Invisible ARtaffects” will explore the linked appearance of augmented virtual objects with audience response translated through compact wearable bio, audio, eye and brainwave sensing devices. We hope to create individual and collective experiences of “I think, I see, I speak, I feel- therefore it is.” Research will involve a year-long collaboration between artists in Manifest.AR, FACT and the ARtSense Consortium of European technology companies, universities and museums, and a significant exhibition at FACT in mid-2013. ManifestAR will also explore Liverpool public, architectural and community issues that will become part of the project that is not limited to the FACT building.

The project will be lead by Will Pappenheimer (US) and Tamiko Thiel (DE,JP,US) who will attend the presentation of The ARtSense Commission to the The European ARtSENSE project consortium meeting at the Louvre in Paris, January 26, 2012. A partial list of other ManifestAR artists working on the project currently are Sander Veenhof, Mark Skwarek, John Craig Freeman and John Cleater.

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Occupation Remains in Zuccotti Park

November 20, 2011

On November 15th, 2011, after two months of occupation, Mayor Bloomberg cleared Zuccotti Park of protesters in a surprise nighttime raid.

The park is now permanently occupied thanks to augmented reality. If you are at the park, search Layar for protestAR or choose the launch protestAR link on your iPhone or Android device.

AR Occupy Wall Street

November 20, 2011

Protesters were not allowed to protest at Wall Street during the Occupy Wall Street uprising, forcing them blocks from the New York Stock Exchange to Zuccotti Park. Wall Street was barricaded off. Only part of the sidewalk is accessible to the public and there was a constant police presence around both the protesters and the Stock Exchange at all times.

AR Occupy Wall Street, Screenshot montage by Mark Skwarek, 2011.

#arOCCUPYWALLSTREET” takes the protest to the heart of the financial district directly in front of the Stock Exchange. Augments now blanket the entire financial district.


October 10, 2011

 This is a call to the global community to unite and be heard at Wall Street using Augmented Reality. People from around the world should place AR protest works at Wall Street, NYC as part of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET & #arOCCUPYWALLSTREET.

Put them here- 40.706791, -74.010891

AR allows anyone’s voice to be heard in the fenced off zone of Wall Street NYSE area. All Protest Augmented Reality will be included. More info on the website.


Style Wars Blog- Street ARt: Augmented Reality Graffiti

“Carnation Rain (Largo do Carmo)” AR artwork

May 9, 2011

AR artwork by Tamiko Thiel, 2011

Carnation Rain in Largo do Carmo, Lisbon

Carnation Rain in Largo do Carmo, Lisbon

On April 25th, 1974, the “Carnation Revolution” broke out in Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square) in Lisbon, Portugal. A leftist military coup toppled the Salazarist dictatorship that had ruled Portugal for around 50 years, ushering in changes that brought democracy to Portugal. Carnations, stuck in the barrels of the guns, became the symbol for this first bloodless revolution in 20th century Europe.

To commemorate this event Thiel has created “Carnation Rain (Largo do Carmo)”, an augmented reality (AR) artwork of an animated rain of carnations, placed via GPS in Largo do Carmo, Lisbon. The artwork premiered on April 25, 2011.