Manifest.AR @ ICA


Manifest.AR @ ICA



Manifest.AR Founders, left to right, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, John Craig Freeman, Christopher Manzione, Sander Veenhof, Mark Skwarek, Tamiko Thiel and Will Pappenheimer.


Will Pappenheimer

Sky Pavilions Ica, John Cleater

Warren Armstrong


Tamiko Thiel

Sander Veenhof

Patrick Lichty

Nathan Shafer

Mark Skwarek

Lily & Honglei

John Craig Freeman

John Cleater

Helen Papagiannis

Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Chris Manzione

Caitlin Fisher

33 1/2 rpm Sunset Bufotoad, Will Pappenheimer, Virta-Flaneurazine, AR visualization

The Parade To Hope, Mark Skwarek, Damon Baker, Arthur Peters, Joseph Hocking, AR visualization

Art Critic Matrix Reloaded, Tamiko Thiel

Art Critic Matrix Reloaded with iPhone, Tamiko Thiel.

Jasmine Rain, Tamiko Thiel.

Jasmine Rain with iPhone, Tamiko Thiel.

Butterfly Lovers, Lily and Honglei.

Tiananmen SquARed: Goddess of Democracy at the ICA, 4 Gentlemen.

Tiananmen SquARed: Goddess of Democracy and Tank Man at the ICA, 4 Gentlemen.

Manifest.AR at the ICA.

ICA Comp with Toad



ICA Comp with Critics

ICA Comp Butterfly Lovers

iPad with Toads

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