Transformation: Lehel

"Transformation: mARping Lehel" augmented reality project, Munich, by Tamiko Thiel, 2012

“Transformation: Lehel” (seen near St. Lukas Church), by Tamiko Thiel, Munich, 2012

The ongoing project “Transformation” by Tamiko Thiel researches daily life in the city and asks how we can transform our cities for a more sustainable future. “Transformation: Lehel” places ideas for the future, ranging from the possible to the improbable, as augmented reality artworks on site throughout the Lehel neighborhood in Munich, Germany. Images of the artworks formed part of Thiel’s large multiscreen video installation in the St. Lukas Church in Munich in October, 2012. “Transformation” is part of the project series “Overtures ZeitRäume” from pilotraum01 e.V., curated by Serafine Lindemann and Christian Schoen.



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