“Invisible” @ Hayward Gallery London – Manifest.AR intervention


Manifest.AR intervenes in the Hayward Gallery show “Invisible”!

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ManifestAR’s work was not reviewed in the Independent.

3 Responses to ““Invisible” @ Hayward Gallery London – Manifest.AR intervention”

  1. Vaneeesa Blaylock Says:

    Hey Manifest.AR, this looks fantastic! I won’t be in London to see it unfortunately, but I’m trying to have someone there write an article on it.

    Looking forward to this! / Good luck!

  2. Vaneeesa Blaylock Says:

    oh, ps: I know you’ve done many interventions by now, but have you done website mockups like this before? It’s not “AR” per se, but it too is a nice virtual augmentation.

    No doubt, even with your “disclaimer” it’s still possible to get a cease & desist letter from them, but as it’s not really phishing in the sense that I can only get from your website to them, not from them to you, it’s also kind of consistent with your art intervention that will be the dominant experience for some and invisible for others.

    It’s funny, I’m an enormous Yves Klein fan, yet somehow seeing him and the others in this presentation of officialdom vis-a-vis your intervention…

    Hmm… I know it doesn’t have to be a binary… yet it’s an interesting reframing of where the power of art in the contemporary moment lies…

  3. tamikothiel Says:

    Hi Vaneeesa, that would be fantastic! Please have them contact me so I can make sure everything works before they check it out – it is still under construction! I and maybe some other Manifest.AR people might be in London in June. – Tamiko (tamiko@alum.mit.edu)

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