“Not There” at the Kasa Gallery

Manifest.AR is pleased to announce that the Kasa Gallery of Sabanci University in Istanbul is showing artworks from our Venice Biennial Intervention in the show “Not There” („Orada Değil“) from July 22 – December 13, 2011.

“Not There” is part of the ISEA2011 exhibition UNCONTAINABLE, an Official Parallel Program of the Istanbul Biennial 2011, and in partnership with the exhibition „Not Here“ taking place at the Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA/USA and the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo/ISAST).

If you are in the Kasa Gallery, you can launch the artworks from the Venice Biennale Intervention from the same launch page manifestar.info/vb11 even though you are Not There.
[ download flyer ]

For an AR tour of the artworks during ISEA and the Biennial (Sept. 14th-22nd), contact Tamiko Thiel:
(tamiko@alum.mit.edu, Turkish mobile: +90 543-868-3531.)

“Crystal Coffin,” Lily and Honglei, 2011

“Shades of Absence: Outside Inside”, Tamiko Thiel, 2011

“Water wARs,” John Craig Freeman, 2011

“Goddess of Hope,” Mark Skwarek, 2011

“Historia”, Naoko Tosa, 2011

“Sky Pavilions,” John Cleater, 2011

“Battling Pavilions,” Sander Veenhof, 2011

“Colony Illuminati”, Will Pappenheimer, 2011


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